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Become a Local Goodwill Ambassador

Start Local, Represent a Community

As a goodwill ambassador and having worked at both local and international levels for over 15 years I am frequently contacted by people that are interested in joining us and becoming goodwill ambassadors. I always tell people to try to find local recognition before contacting us to get involved in international missions or international cooperation. The best way to do this is by becoming a representative in your own community for a cause or to represent local tourism or a local city (neighborhood) beautification project.

Goodwill Ambassador Ms. Isatu Timbo Speaks At The Way To Happiness International Convention In Los Angeles
Become a goodwill ambassador in your local community to gain recognition, serve as a figurehead for a business, a community organization, a town, a university, or a city. This report from Inside Jobs based on US Department of Labor statistics explains the employment outlook for goodwill ambassadors and I provided some links at the end for those interested in pursuing it further.

How to become a Goodwill Ambassador

Most Goodwill Ambassadors have no higher education and get on-the-job training. Think about earning a Certificate or Bachelor's degree to increase your competitiveness in the field.

Quick Stats

Salary Range: $17,000 – $44,000 Data from U.S. Department of Labor

What do Goodwill Ambassadors do?

A Goodwill Ambassador is a prominent individual in their community or profession who serves as an honorary Diplomat between entities, like organizations, cities, and nations. If you pride yourself on being a good friend, you might have a future as a Goodwill Ambassador.

Common examples of Goodwill Ambassadors are Actors, Scientists, Authors, and Activists who go on “international friendship missions” to foreign countries, where they present gifts, offer humanitarian relief, and socialize with their contemporaries and counterparts. Like these people, it’s your job as a Goodwill Ambassador to represent one group of people to another for the purpose of building friendly relationships that will be economically, culturally, socially, or politically beneficial in the future.

To accomplish your mission, you typically travel, attend social functions, participate in roundtable discussions, make public appearances, do media interviews, and lobby Legislators.

Although most Goodwill Ambassadors do humanitarian work for organizations like the United Nations, some act as “welcome wagons,” representing businesses to prospects. In this case, it’s your job to find and ingratiate yourself with sales leads by presenting them with token gifts, information, resources, etc. Either way, your job is “making nice” as a means of promoting peace, prosperity, and fellowship.

Should I be a Goodwill Ambassador?

You should have a high school degree or higher and share these traits:

  • Team Player: You're able to listen, communicate, and work with tons of different people.
  • Trustworthy: You are known for your personal integrity and honesty.
  • Social: You're happiest working on teams or with other people.

  • Also known at local levels among other locals as: Welcome-Wagon Host/Hostess

    Source: InsideJobs; Goodwill Ambassador

    Other useful links to learn about becoming a goodwill ambassador.

    Wikipedia article about Goodwill Ambassadors (also see the links there for the UN)
    Join the discussion on Quora about Goodwill Ambassadors
    Qualifications for United Nations Goodwill Ambassadors (The Nest)

    Readers are also encouraged to check for the several articles about becoming an ambassador on our blog! Our best two are: What Goodwill Ambassadors do? and What is Goodwill?

    International Ambassadorships (Update July 2017)

    Update Notice: Globcal International is an international civil society organization (iCSO) promoting global citizenship, international cooperation and sustainable development for the United Nations under our stakeholdership, as of July 2017 we updated our legal requirements and procedures for new and continuing members who wish to serve as goodwill ambassadors at a professional level in non-state and non-governmental diplomatic affairs with international communities and corporations under the formal protocol of United Nations and best practices emulated by some of the most well known international authorities.

    Globcal International began a new diplomatic corps training and development program which has become standard fare for all natural persons working with global issues internationally with states foreign. The program is now recognized by the United Nations internationally as a partner with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as a UNESCO partner and is collaborating with dozens of organizations.
    "The formal process for the legal development of our own goodwill ambassadors is proprietary and exclusively for our own members. It is a process that involves investiture, nomination, orientation, assimilation and presentation to world leaders and international public figures resulting in letters patent and/or a letter of credence. Ambassadors are also developed through the building of their authority through notable institutions, recognitions, homologation and apostilles of documents."
    New ambassadors are qualified and assimilated individually during the course of their first full year following their investiture as a lifetime member with an appointment as a goodwill ambassador at-large under full diplomatic authority while engaged in their vocation or mission. Once fully engaged ambassadors can be recommended and nominated to international orders, to heads of state for honors, pursue knighthood, be recognized by enclave nations and states, and receive a PhD equivalency in the form of Honoris Causa.

    The processes can be costly, each vetting procedure may involve several FedEx packages, an attorney, several notaries and a personal visit to one of our 3000 partner centers in 120 countries before an ambassador can legally become recognized. Those joining must be able to provide documentation of a good deed for which they can be cited; recently or over the past 10 years. (Most classic deed is rescuing a cat from a tree and getting your photo in your local news or tv.)

    New applicants should also have a diploma or an equivalency certificate from high school and be at least 45 years of age or older; OR may be bilingual and have a university degree. All new applicants must show a valid passport, a birth certificate and have a verified PayPal account. Current membership programs are described at the Globcal International blog; our exclusive development program is developed to form both local and global representative ambassadors, generally most ambassadors will be qualified to serve and work locally within their own state of residence prior to working internationally.

    Volunteer Recognition in Canada

    How an Ethiopian Immigrant became Canada's most Esteemed Volunteer and Goodwill Ambassador

    When Geza Wordofa, the founder of the Multicultural Association of Perth-Huron (MAPH), received a letter last year from Governor General David Johnston informing him he had won a 2016 Sovereign Medal for Volunteers, he had a hard time believing the news.

    Even when he called Johnston’s office to confirm the letter had indeed been sent to the correct Geza Wordofa, the honour still didn’t seem real.

    In fact, since Wordofa was unable to attend the Governor General’s Award ceremony last year to receive his medal in person, it wasn’t until this year’s ceremony on March 9 in London when the reality of this prestigious honour truly set in (see photo).

    “I’m very blessed and I’m enjoying the recognition,” Wordofa said. “To be a volunteer is not easy, and sometimes very difficult. I’ve been involved, day-to-day, with newcomers (to Canada). What does it mean to be a refugee, what does it mean to be a newcomer or an immigrant? It can be good, but sometimes for them it’s very difficult.”

    After Wordofa, an Ethiopian by birth and a former United Nations goodwill ambassador, emigrated from Russia to Canada to settle down with his wife Nicole in 2011, he quickly learned first-hand the hardships immigrants and refugees must go through to start a new life in a completely foreign country.

    Whether it’s finding a job, shopping for groceries, obtaining a driver’s license or passport, navigating Canadian law, applying for citizenship, learning to recycle, or even something as seemingly simple as learning to use various kitchen appliances, adjusting to life in Canada can take a while. For some new immigrants, that process can be very confusing and often frustrating.

    “When I came here from Russia, from Geneva, there was nothing for me. I had no job… there was not any service that gave me my paperwork,” Wordofa said.

    Luckily, he had Nicole and the Canadians he met through his work with the UN to help him settle into his new country and his new home in Stratford, but for many immigrants and refugees, it’s not that simple. In September, 2011, only five months after he settled in Stratford, Wordofa founded MAPH, an organization that helps guide new immigrants through the resettlement process.

    “We have money for them, we have a house, we have a couch, live. It’s not as simple as that. You give them money, they don’t know how to spend that money. So we give them guidance (for example) on how to eat properly, or to give them some advice (for whatever they need),” Wordofa said.

    But without the support and effort put forth by Wordofa’s fellow volunteers in Stratford and the surrounding community, MAPH would have never been able to assist the immigrants and refugees in both Perth and Huron Counties who need that help and guidance most.

    Wordofa also had a chance to meet and have his picture taken with
    Ontario Lieutenant General Elizabeth Dowdeswell. (Contributed Photo)
    “I share this medal with my community and all of the newcomers. When I met the Governor General, I had no words. I said thank you for my community in Stratford who gave me this opportunity,” Wordofa said. “…I want to give back to my community through volunteerism. I want to give back for the community who helps newcomers. They run around for them, they give them rides, they take them to the hospital – I have a long list of people to call who are willing to help out. I love to serve for my community. I don’t expect anything in return.”

    For more than five years, Wordofa has worked five days a week for MAPH without pay to better the lives of new immigrants and refugees. An immigrant himself and now a Canadian citizen, Wordofa and other volunteers like him share a unique perspective with those they help, allowing them to better understand the issues, both large and small, that prevent newcomers from living a full life in their new country.

    When Wordofa first established MAPH, he was meeting with new immigrants in a coffee shop in downtown Stratford, but since then, thanks to a generous donation of space and resources by Loreena McKennit, MAPH now occupies several rooms in the basement of the Falstaff Family Centre on Waterloo Street, where volunteers have the ability to meet with families, provide them a safe and quiet space to discuss the problems they are dealing with, and determine the next steps in both solving those problems and making their lives in Canada as fulfilling as they possibly can be.

    On a more personal note, after living for 15 years as an immigrant in Russia, where people of different skin colours and ethnic backgrounds are often viewed with suspicion and treated with outright hostility, Wordofa is thrilled to be living in a country where the government recognizes his efforts on equal footing with people of all backgrounds, races and religions. That notion was made abundantly clear to him at the awards ceremony in London last Thursday, where he had the chance to meet and speak with both Johnston and Ontario’s Lieutenant Governor, Elizabeth Dowdeswell, as well as many other dignitaries, politicians and service medal recipients.

    “I’m equal as anybody. When you go in the coffee shop, you are also the same as anybody – everybody says hi even if they don’t know you,” Wordofa said. “… I am so lucky. We have to respect this country, we have to love Canada.”

    Even before moving to Canada, Wordofa spent much of his life helping others, be that working to establish a soup kitchen in Moscow, securing clean drinking water for the people of Ethiopia, or donating toothpaste to new immigrants and refugees in Utah. In Canada, along with founding and working tirelessly for MAPH, Wordofa has also volunteered his time with non-profit groups such as the Salvation Army and The United Way.

    For his lifetime of volunteer work, in the past Wordofa has been honoured with the Ontario Government’s Newcomer Champion Award, the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award and the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award. Now, he can add the 2016 Sovereign Medal for Volunteers to that list, a medal which he plans on wearing proudly at this year’s 150th Canada Day celebration. (Source: Stratford Beacon Herald)

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    Inspiring Goodwill with Poetry

    Whatever Happened To The Goodwill Ambassador?

    Poem by Paul Amrod

    Witnessing the selfish routine of lobbyists and a money mechanism
    becoming cynically the normal affair of our passing hours.

    Greeting a neighbor with a 'Good Morning' and a pleasant wish
    has vanished with the dawn demonstrating a hideous pessimism.

    Allocating the atrocities which somehow our sympathies devour.

    The political conscious is contorted around shortsighted principles
    contributing to a prognosis of supposed terror playing with gullibility.

    I ask myself many provocative questions concerning seriousness
    of intention with open-ended book shelves of fairytale like scribble.

    Trying to capitalize upon the weakness of others in their deliriousness,
    overly excited aggravating their stress, while destroying tranquility.

    The boisterous message of alleged superiority exhibits narcissism
    with an inkling of conceit compelling avoidance and dismisses
    ingenuity while enlivening resistance over absurd acquittals.

    May I inquire; Whatever happened to the goodwill ambassador?

    The ignorance of a military cooperate complex has perplexed
    the intellectual environment in search for the left of middle.

    Attempting to impress the youth with false promises the collectivism
    is appalled with a continuous barrage of invalid and corrupted fixes.

    Better to relax beneath a linden tree whistling with birdsong outdoors
    and taking a pen to a page envisioning a princess with a troubadour.

    Engendering a paradise of dreamlike passages composing a riddle
    tickling our imaginations with pleasurable moments so gently expressed.

    Nevertheless our aspirations are daunted and our direction is statically
    inactive arousing the frustration of a meandering directionlessness.

    Intentionally ignoring the media's spin as their irrational euphemism
    is exposed as utter gibberish and nonsense exposing senselessness.

    Saving acclamations for a fortuitous occasion can't keep us abreast
    of the defiance necessary to counter the streams of grotesque fish
    that swim through our legs as we venture courageously against the current.

    I ask again; Whatever happened to the goodwill ambassador?

    He travelled the world with his mission of cooperation and neutrality
    giving of his substance to clarify our deliverance and impartiality.

    We were given the power of deduction with the capability of verbal deterrents
    to bless our surroundings with examples of his statements assessed.

    Showering us with admiration and inspiration presenting his altruism
    to reconcile our tribulations and heal our jealousy forevermore.

    With insight into the mediation of all philosophies he adores
    a genuine and authentic resolve of spiritual abundance and veracity.

    Reminding us as well of our groves and gardens galore
    there to flourish in Nature and transport us organically.

    We are a being, the precious component of this Earth's entirety,
    gifted with shrewdness and the curator of our terrestrial d├ęcor.

    We possess a sanctified position under the universe's Godly city
    to protect the perfect balance of our sequence as heaven's servant.

    Petitioning once more; Whatever happened to our goodwill ambassador?

    We send a lamentation to our archangels above to implore
    a betterment of our situation at hand as we whine for it is a pity.

    Selfishness and greed perpetrate the world as we slay the serpent
    with a cooing murmur of poesy melting the cold heart we deplore.

    As the goodwill grows with significance we salvage our sanity
    with one last breath of hopefulness as patience warrants our success.

    Poem by Paul Amrod

    Restyled format for Globcal International News

    Sunday, July 10, 2016

    Danny Glover Denounces Racism as Afrophobia

    Danny Glover attends the Special Meeting of the
    General Assembly. UN Photo/Amanda Voisard

    Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover calls out racism, Afrophobia in the Americas

    30 June 2016 – The international community must increase its commitment to fighting Afrophobia and discrimination against people of African descent, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador and actor Danny Glover has said, speaking during the International Decade for People of African Descent.

    In a recently released message, Mr. Glover, who advocates on behalf of the estimated 200 million people of African descent living in North and South America, urged national and multilateral partners in the Americas to ensure that policies work with and in support of this often marginalized group.

    “The three UN themes – respect, justice, development – must be utilized as an interrelated guide,” Mr. Glover said, adding that the successes of the Afro-descendent populations help to guarantee successes of the entire society.

    In an interview with the UN News Centre, Mr. Glover, an African-American whose grandparents were born in the 1890s in the southern United States city of Louisville, Georgia, spoke personally about race and the segregation of the United States.

    “One of the moral underpinnings of my childhood was that my mother would always say that she was eternally grateful for her mother and father because she didn’t pick cotton in September, she went to school in September,” he said, a decision that allowed her to graduate from college in 1942.

    These familial experiences are what anchor Mr. Glover, who growing up in San Francisco, California, did not attend a segregated school, in his work on behalf of the UN and the International Decade for People of African Descent which runs through 2024.

    “I would hope that there would be a place within this period for specific projects,” he said. Listen below to the types of political projects for which Mr. Glover is advocating.

    Today, there are at least 40 million people in the United States alone who identify themselves as being of African descent, and many of them are among the poorest socio-economic groups, according to the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said that people of African descent are “among those most affected by racism. Too often, they face denial of basic rights such as access to quality health services and education.”
    The promotion and protection of human rights of people of African descent has been a priority concern for the UN. The Durban Declaration and Programme of Action, agreed to at the 2001 World Conference, acknowledged that people of African descent were victims of slavery, the slave trade and colonialism, and continue to be victims of their consequences.

    “Wherever we are, whether we’re in Brazil or Colombia or Ecuador, we are decedents of the transatlantic slave trade,” Mr. Glover said. “Whether we’re in the Caribbean or here [the United States] or Canada, we can trace our identity to that moment in human history when essentially we became the capital of the new system that came into existence.”

    Listen to Mr. Glover speak more about the shared experience between people of African descent in the clip below.

    The International Decade for People of African Descent, proclaimed by the General Assembly in resolution 68/237, provides a framework for the UN, Member States, civil society and all other relevant actors to join together with people of African descent and take effective measures for the implementation of the programme of activities in the spirit of recognition, justice and development.

    In addition, the Decade is meant to underline the important contribution made by people of African descent to international societies, promote their full inclusion, and combat racism, radical discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance.

    Mr. Glover said the timing of the Decade is particularly important given the ongoing events in his home country of the United States.

    “[At] this time in history, you not only have to say more but do more,” he said. “We have an opportunity as we talk about all the things happening internally in the United States, as we begin to look at the present industrial complexity in the United States, the justice system of the United States, the lack of youth employment, violence against young black men and black women, all those things resonate here are a microcosm of what is happening in the rest of the world.”

    Republished from News Source: UN News, Goodwill Ambassador Danny Glover calls out racism, Afrophobia in the Americas.

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    Green Holidays and International Observances

    World what day? Are you sure?

    Every culture has traditions and celebrations which to many may seem odd or strange especially to the casual observer, but not to the world or global citizen. To them our own traditions also probably seem odd when we attach our traditions and history to them. Celebrations, observances, anniversaries, and the seasons all bring cause to celebrate, remember or observe different days of the calendar and solar year.

    Girls dressed in traditional clothes and with their faces and bodies painted
    in white dance during the official opening of a school for rangers and the
    environment, at the opening of the World Environment Day activities
    in Menongue, in the province of Cuando-Cubango, Angola, Photo: UNEP
    With these celebrations, observances and festivities come those people wishing to collaborate, participate, remark and reflect on creating a better life and bringing human purpose full circle to the ideals being presented. Among those leading and promoting these events are goodwill ambassadors from all walks of life representing the ideals and goals of these many international global and local observances from Africa to Asia and from Australia to America.

    International Observances

    Currently there are over 100 different 'official' international observances that are presented around the world each year covering a whole range topics and ideals, many of them are on the United Nations official calendar. Their purposes are broadly diverse and developed to bring attention to things in our human civilization that are vital to our well-being and the well-being of our societies. These events cover topics like hunger, war, inequality, climate change, forests, water, trademarks, social groups, cooperation and many others are all presented to give people around the world a general knowledge education about both the plight, pain and the prosperity of our human condition.

    Most of the international observances are all based on good causes and ideals, some people may be critical of some of them but that may because there are politicians involved in creating some of them; however in general because they are coming from organizations that are not subject to nation-state politics they focus on the real problems and ideals we need to make the world a better place.

    In 2009 when Globcal International began we found that promoting these international observances was a great way to bring attention and social interest to these observances within the social media community. As an experiment to take poll results we developed over a dozen different pages on Facebook so we could use them in training exercises and to conduct demographic studies. Since then we have passed the torch to others while we remained with some lesser known days that are convenient to our forum like Biodiversity Day, Earth Day and Forest Day which both complement and strengthen our online efforts with the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals program.

    Still Celebrating Ideals

    Globcal International and our Goodwill Ambassadors Corps have maintained a page that we call International Observances where one of our ambassadors, the Honorable Maria Veneke-Ylikomi maintains several posts each week that focus on both official and non-official observances that are popular on a global scale. Though it is not as well followed as it once was (on Facebook you need to pay to have the features we once enjoyed) we still maintain it as a way to advise members and friends of ongoing events.

    Over the weekend we celebrated World Environment Day which has now turned out to become one of the more remarkable observances of the year around the world and a great introduction point for communities around the world in need of environmental programs and awareness especially in light of the new climate change agenda. Tomorrow we will celebrate World Oceans Day.

    Good for Education

    Children need activities that expand their consciousness, build their minds and prepare them for the future. Personally I remember all good times in making up an Earth Day poster in 1970 when our class marched through the community to commemorate the occasion, they are very fond memories which has led me through my life to do what I can to make the world a better place.

    Children playing outdoors at an international summer community (Friendship Day, July 30th) for
    youngsters 9-18, near Bedford, Virginia, United States. UN Photo/John Isaac
    Today the ideal of schools is mostly the same, basically reading, writing and arithmetic. Surprisingly and much to my satisfaction many of these international observances are green (environmental) but many people have complained about the new emerging educational system because it differs so much from the indoctrinate nationalist education that they had when they were children.

    The activities of saving dolphins, tigers, oceans, equalizing women, eradicating poverty, remembering our past, and honoring children are far from the ideals my baby-boomer generation celebrated, after examining the curriculum however I think the themes presented are much more fun and educational than teaching children about dead presidents and revolutionary heroes to boost national pride. The ideals we have evolved for the educational systems allow children today to respect diversity and prepare them for a future that free of polarizing ideals and for the most part politically and religiously neutral.

    What about Traditional Days?

    On the lighter side there are long-term traditions that we hold close to our hearts are not counted in this mix because they are rooted in regional or religious custom rather than logic or necessity, and today do not hold much substance within the reality of our existence. Holidays like Christmas, Ramadan and Hanukah are respected based in socially just freedom and today can only be promulgated by lifestyle or belief systems than necessity. Now beginning in 2016 it will be against the law to promote such holidays publicly or in the school system because of the diverse make-up of our populations today.

    I was once among these people who held in high regard days like Christmas and Thanksgiving at least until I moved away from the United States, today I still enjoy preparing grand feasts and organizing celebrations but now I create holidays based on the occasion of spontaneous events or reaping a harvest, this is much how the indigenous peoples of the Amazon celebrate. I really don't miss these days personally, but I bet if I were to travel to my family home and see some snow on the group I would probably break down and come to tears for all the fond memories I hold in my heart.

    Explore All of the Days

    Share this article with your friends, encourage them to adopt a new global calendar that brings their awareness and consciousness to a whole new level. Explore all the days by visiting the links we are sharing here to give life a greater purpose as an ambassador of ideals, compassion and knowledge. For more information and to learn what you can do follow these links on Wikipedia, there are others that link to these based on region and other purposes.Have fun, have a holiday or celebration today.

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    List of commemorative days
    Awareness days
    List of environmental dates